Ex tennis star on mental problems: I was close to suicide

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Ex tennis star on mental problems: I was close to suicide

Jelena Dokic, a former tennis player who achieved great results, revealed that she has mental health problems. At one point she was even close to taking her own life. As Dokic says 'she just wanted the pain to go away'
“Such a vicious cycle in my head.

The result: almost jumping off my 26th floor balcony on April 28th,” the 39-year-old wrote in a post. “I just wanted the pain and the suffering to stop. I pulled myself of the edge, don’t even know how I managed to do it”.

Dokic tried to hide her emotions, but the time has come for her to speak openly about the problems, with the goal of helping others because Jelena knows she is not alone in this. “From hiding in the bathroom when at work, to wipe away my tears so that nobody sees it, to the unstoppable crying at home within my four walls has been unbearable,” said the former world number four, who won six singles titles on the WTA Tour.

“I am writing this because I know I am not the only one struggling. “Just know that you are not alone”.

Dokic and support

Of course, Dokic received a lot of support from her colleagues and fans around the world, who understand what she was facing.

“You are enough. You are worthy. Your pain will heal,” former Olympic champion cyclist Anna Meares said. “You will find peace. Hang in there”. In today's stressful world, more and more athletes and ordinary people have decided to talk openly about mental health issues.

There are many who have spoken publicly about it such as Dwayne Johnson, Michael Phelps, Naomi Osaka, and many more. The goal is to point out the importance of mental health and how necessary it is to be mentally healthy for today's man