Ex tennis star: My father yelled at me and beat me with a belt

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Ex tennis star: My father yelled at me and beat me with a belt

We have already written about Jelena Dokic and her mental problems that she revealed a few days ago. She was even close to suicide at one point, but after all Jelena sought help and seems to be in a better situation now. However, what most did not know was that Jelena was mistreated by her father, Damir Dokic.

He used to abuse her after the defeat, and that happened also when she lost to Conchita Martinez.
“He yelled at me and beat me with a belt in the bathroom. He dragged me by the ears, spat on me, and then made me stand nake* in the middle of a hotel room for hours.

My mother watched it all in silence,” Jelena wrote in her autobiography.

Jelena Dokic's father

Her father did not allow her to be in a relationship with Tin Bikic, because he did not like Croats. “In his (her father’s) eyes, it was the worst thing I could do.

He would have preferred me to be with a terrorist than with a Croat. The most difficult period in my life was when I left my family in 2005 and due to great pressure, I went to live in Zagreb with my boyfriend Tin Bikić. The feeling when you lose your family is terrible and all that left great consequences on my health, nervous breakdown and being depressed for years."

Her boyfriend was a great support to her and with his help she overcame many things. “There were times when I thought I would never take the racket in my hands again and Tin was with me in the most difficult moments and the two of us have lived through a lot together in the last years of the relationship.

I was in hell and I came back with him again,” Jelena concluded. She went through really difficult moments that leave consequences.