Venus Williams: "On Serena Williams' return to Wimbledon I say ..."

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Venus Williams: "On Serena Williams' return to Wimbledon I say ..."

The news of Serena Williams' return to the court for Wimbledon surprised all the fans, who were anxiously awaiting her return but did not yet imagine a date. The American champion herself, with a post on her social channels, has made it known that she will return to the field at the British slam, exactly one year after her last official appearance on the grass fields of Wimbledon.

There is a lot of curiosity about the conditions of the 40-year-old American, given her long absence, and one wonders if she could be the one to stop Iga Swiatek's triumphal run. Speaking with Erin Andrews at BIO2022, the other Williams sister, Venus, revealed that she has known about her sister's decision for some time but that she has kept her secret.

Venus on Serena: "It will be nice to see her in action" The 7-time slam champion shared how difficult it was to keep this secret. Venus explained: "ve been keeping the secret for a long time and I'm glad it came out.

People told me they heard something and I replied that they knew nothing. You feel like you're lying, trying to get out of this. You haven't played in a year, I haven't played in a year. It will be nice to see her in action again.

It's really terrific." The fresh 42-year-old American then replied that she was still waiting to be able to return to the Tour. She said: "I'm still in the incubator. The break made me appreciate it a lot more, I have a new love for the game, it's a lot of fun and I can't wait to see and support it,."

Williams' older sister then concluded by declaring how stressful it is to watch her sister's games as a fan: "She is unnerving. There will be times when I want to sleep during her final but I will only wake up because I'm nervous.

I'll wake up anyway and check the scores, freak out, and all. I don't know why I can't get used to it because my hopes and dreams are with her too, do you understand?"