Tiriac: "Roger Federer risks making a fool of himself"

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Tiriac: "Roger Federer risks making a fool of himself"

Roger Federer has finally broken the silence regarding his return to the court, defining a time frame precisely, by saying: "2023? I'll definitely be back, I don't know how and where, but I'll be back."

Therefore, the Swiss champion is preparing to return to the circuit, who does not show his deeds in an official match from 7 July 2021, the day of the sensational and equally clear defeat in the quarter-finals of Wimbledon against Hubert Hurkacz.

When the return to the ATP Tour takes place, however, Federer will have already turned 41 and doubts about his level of competitiveness are snaking in everyone's mind (probably even Federer himself). In this regard, former Romanian tennis player Ion Tiriac expressed his skepticism, who told claytennis.com: "If Roger likes tennis he can have fun at 40, but I don't think he has the ability to be really competitive.

I will even say that he risks making a fool of himself." The incredible negative data on Roger Federer Waiting to know the date of his eventual return, Roger Federer's ranking continues to worsen over time. On Monday 13 June, after 22 years, Roger Federer was in fact released for the first time in the world Top-50.

The Swiss tennis player has not played an official match since Wimbledon 2021 and after the London tournament he will lose all his ATP points, thus abandoning the world rankings. The multiple Swiss champion entered the Top-50 on June 12, 2000 and left this group last Monday after more than two decades spent mainly in the top positions.

In the last three seasons, the Basel champion has played very few matches, conditioned by various surgeries that have held back his return to the glories of the past. The pandemic has had a further negative impact by slowing down his recovery time and by now, at the age of 41, Roger is reaching the final stages of his extraordinary career.