Patrick McEnroe: "Doping? There is a conspiracy around Rafael Nadal"

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Patrick McEnroe: "Doping? There is a conspiracy around Rafael Nadal"

Rafael Nadal has so far been the protagonist of a fantastic 2022. Despite the constant foot problems that have affected the last few months, the Iberian champion has managed two Slams in as many Slam tournaments, thus reaching 22 Majors and detaching, perhaps definitively, his long-time rivals Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer.

With these successes, the Majorcan tennis player has made a great leap in the fight against the GOAT, a battle that has been going on for almost a decade now (especially among the fans). They did discuss the words of Rafa Nadal immediately after the victory in Paris.

The tennis player made it clear that the foot problems were far from gone and made the following statements: "I play with a nerve infiltration and the foot is asleep, so I moved on. I better not say how many infiltrations I have done in these two weeks.

Ruud? He's a great guy, I know him and his family and I'm very happy with his results. It is an honor to have hosted him in my academy."

Too much controversy around Rafa Nadal

The words about Nadal's infiltrations have created a lot of controversy.

Sportsmen such as cyclists for example, but also fans have questioned these words and have also spoken referring to the much heated doping issue. Patrick McEnroe spoke to Eurosport by releasing interesting statements: "Rafa Nadal continues to win and honestly I don't know how he does it.

He talks about infiltrations and painkillers, I'm not a doctor and I don't know what it is. But in this way people theorize conspiracy around Nadal and there is a real conspiracy in tennis that claims that Nadal is doping.

I don't know how to deal with this issue, but I believe that if it were something against the rules, surely Rafa would have been discovered. I do not know how to discuss it, I repeat, I am not a doctor "Rafael Nadal is part of the entry list of tennis players who will participate in the Wimbledon tournament, even if, no one yet knows very well the decision that the strong Iberian tennis player will make.