Alex Corretja on Novak Djokovic: I think he's going to be super difficult to beat

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Alex Corretja on Novak Djokovic: I think he's going to be super difficult to beat

Wimbledon is the next challenge for Novak Djokovic, who won the title in that tournament last year. "Novak, he loves grass," he said for eurosport. "He likes to play there and he knows the surface very well, he adjusts very well to these conditions.

I know maybe he didn't win Roland-Garros, and that was a little bit like, okay, he was trying to be ready.
But Rafa played an unbelievable match [at Roland-Garros] and I think it should give him the calm to say 'okay, I gave everything I had and now I need to focus on another thing'

Now it's grass-court season."

Players in the tournament

Novak Djokovic will be more motivated than ever, and his opponents know what awaits them. "He's always going to be there. Novak, I think starting the tournament, you know that he might be probably the man to beat because he's been doing very well.

He's been winning there.
"He's the defending champion, and I think it's going to be super difficult to beat him. He serves great, he returns perfect, he moves well, he plays deep.
"So I don't think there are too many guys on the draw that they really feel that they can beat Novak best-of-five on grass."

Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic could face off again. Novak Djokovic will aim for 21 grand slams, while Nadal will look for his 23rd. "I think it will depend a lot on how he feels and about pressure or not," he said.
"I feel like Rafa Nadal now, he left a little [bit of a gap] with the Slams and now Djokovic needs to just recover his feelings.
"I don't think he needs to think about Rafa or Rafa about Novak.
"Right now, they have this little gap. Let's play and see how we feel after the tournament and see how it goes."