Serena Williams: "I had strong doubts about my return to the court"

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Serena Williams: "I had strong doubts about my return to the court"

Everyone was waiting patiently for her answers on a possible return to the scene, practically a whole year full of doubts and uncertainties about the possibility of seeing her again on the court. Then her decision to return to the WTA circuit and target the prestigious event of Wimbledon.

Serena Williams is finally back and has made the final choice to continue her career as a professional tennis player at the age of 40, with the ever-present dream of reaching Margaret Court in the number of Grand Slam titles obtained in total (24, the American currently stops at 23 with 7 triumphs in London).

The American has decided to restart from the Eastbourne WTA only for the doubles tournament, together with the Tunisian Ons Jabeur. The two managed to win the first match in three tough sets and will now play a new challenge on Wednesday.

Serena's statements

So much curiosity in the interventions at the press conference released by the 40-year-old, that she surprised everyone by playing with particular black patches on the face, on which she preferred not to answer and clarify at the end of the match (some sources have advanced the hypothesis of allowing better breathing ).

Then she surprised with some strong words: "If I ever doubted my return? Of course I did, I would be dishonest if I said otherwise. Luckily my body feels good right now. I go and think day by day, I leave after game. It took a long time to fully recover from the hamstring injury.

So I don't want to go crazy and make decisions, even hasty, right now." She clarified. Then she remarked: "It was a lot of fun playing with Ons. I will not make any choices after Wimbledon, I love playing tennis but also what I do off the court.

I really don't know what will happen," concluded Williams, always leaving unknowns on what he will do after the London tournament (the great curiosity of the whole world of tennis, in addition to the result he will get on grass).