The Russian Natela Dzalamidze bypasses the rules and participates at Wimbledon

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The Russian Natela Dzalamidze bypasses the rules and participates at Wimbledon

The case linked to the third Grand Slam tournament of the 2022 season has caused discussion and left everyone a little perplexed about the various decisions taken by the various authorities. In this year, up to now and waiting for the US Open, only the Roland Garros has been held regularly without incidents a few days / weeks from the start, an aspect that happened now in London and previously also at the Australian Open with the unvaccinated tennis players.

In this case, the Russian and Belarusian players were targeted, given the current world situation with the ongoing war in Ukraine. This led the tournament organizers to the very strong decision to exclude the athletes of the nations that caused the conflict from the competition.

Atp and WTA, which did not welcome the decision, have in turn implemented a heavy measure, formalizing the non-assignment of points only for the 2022 edition (confirming the loss of points relating to the results of 2021).

Two choices that in the end divided the circuit into two parts, between those benefiting from each other and those penalized. So much disappointment especially for the Russian and Belarusian tennis players, who will close their season on grass this week, without having the opportunity to play in the prestigious appointment in England.

Not all of them, however, because one in particular managed to find a way to participate by circumventing the rules a bit.

The case

The secondary way, which will allow someone to play Wimbledon even if initially excluded, is precisely that of the double passport.

The player Natela Dzalamidze has had the spotlight in the past few hours for having changed nationality, from Russia to Georgia, to escape the imposed ban and take part in the Grand Slam. To report and deepen the news was the newspaper The Times, which underlined how "the nationality of the athletes, defined as the flag under which they play in professional events, is an agreed process that is regulated by the tours and the ITF" is specified.

The green light has allowed the number 44 of the WTA double ranking to be able to plan her arrival in London. There was no lack of controversy even in this circumstance.