ATP will allow coaching: the regulation

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ATP will allow coaching: the regulation

Let the revolution begin, even in the men's ATP Tour. The ATP has formalized a long-awaited decision which in recent months had left many proposals, ideas and reflections on the part of tennis players, former players and professionals.

In the end, a choice was made: starting from Monday 11 July, and therefore at the end of the prestigious Wimbledon event, coaching will also be allowed among men with a trial period that will last for the entire second part of the 2022 season.

A huge and very interesting turning point awaits the world of tennis: coaches will have an even more important role during official matches, since they will be able to help their athletes during the match, obviously following the regulations drawn up and announced by the ATP in the past few hours.

. There will be many important tournaments on which this experimentation will take place, including the Us Open and also the Nitto Atp Finals, which had already been tested at the last Next Gen in Milan. The goal is certainly to increase the show on the pitch and allow the experts to speak more 'freely' during the challenges.

The rules already spread

Some rules of conduct that tennis players and coaches will have to respect have been communicated, to clarify any kind of doubt: the coaches must be seated in the seat that the organization has previously designated for them; coaching (both verbal and non-verbal) is allowed as long as it does not interrupt the game or create any obstacles for the opponent; verbal coaching can only take place when the player is on the same side of the pitch as his coach; non-verbal coaching (sign language) will be allowed at any time during the match; verbal coaching can consist of a few words or short sentences, conversations are not allowed; coaches are forbidden to talk to their player in the event that the athlete leaves the field for any reason; penalties and fines will continue to apply in case of abuse or misuse of the conditions.

In the meantime, the case linked to Wimbledon 2022 has caused discussion and left everyone a little perplexed about the various decisions taken by the various authorities. In this year, up to now and waiting for the US Open, only Roland Garros has been held regularly without incidents a few days / weeks from the start, an aspect that happened now in London and previously also at the Australian Open with the unvaccinated tennis players.

In this case, the Russian and Belarusian players were 'targeted', given the current world situation with the ongoing war in Ukraine. This led the tournament organizers to the very strong decision to exclude the athletes of the nations that caused the conflict from the competition.

ATP and WTA, which did not welcome the decision, have in turn implemented a heavy measure, formalizing the non-assignment of points only for the 2022 edition (confirming the loss of points relating to the results of 2021).