Ashleigh Barty backs to a tennis court after 4 months

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Ashleigh Barty backs to a tennis court after 4 months

A rather nostalgic return to the court for Ashleigh Barty, who after almost 4 months appeared on a tennis court, her childhood training court, to give it a last farewell. This is Archerfield's West Brisbane Tennis Club, owned by former Australian manager Jim Joyce, who sold the club that saw the former world number one grow.

The former Australian tennis player and Joyce organized a farewell party together with all the young members of the club, greeting with emotion a club with a history spanning 52 years. Barty, in an interview with the Courier Mail, expressed her emotion at being back on those fields, which evoke many childhood memories.

"It was a real closing in circle and really exciting to sit with Jim and think about how far we've come in 21 years. It was quite surprising. Think of all the kids that Jim and his family have trained for 50 years and have left fully grown," said the former world number one.

She wrote on Instagram: "Final farewell for West Brisbane Tennis Center. At the end of this week we will be closing the gates here at the tennis center. We have been operating for 52 years and enjoyed watching and teaching kids of all levels and abilities.

Thanks to all the wonderful families we have met over the years for being part of the journey."

Ashleigh Barty's retirement

The Australian tennis player, who announced her retirement from tennis at the age of 25, has left a void in the women's Tour, cannibalized by Iga Swiatek, momentarily without any opponent to worry her.

Barty at the beginning of the year had managed to triumph at the Australian Open, home slam, to then communicate a few weeks after the news of her farewell to this sport, to the amazement of all. The 26-year-old native of Ipswich, who retired with a loot of fifteen WTA titles, including three slams, holds the record, shared with Martina Navratilova, Steffi Graf and Serena Williams, as a tennis player capable of finishing the year at the top of the classification.

The Australian is also the outgoing champion at Wimbledon, having won the London slam in 2021. In recent weeks Barty had said that she had participated and won the Slam on grass despite a tear in the abdominal, realizing her lifelong dream of triumphing.

at Wimbledon. It therefore remains to be discovered whether Swiatek will always inherit the scepter in England as well.