Andy Murray could play Wimbledon mixed doubles with Emma Raducanu

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Andy Murray could play Wimbledon mixed doubles with Emma Raducanu

Former world number 1 Andy Murray said he would love to play the Wimbledon mixed doubles with Emma Raducanu, as he believes the 19-year-old will be extraordinary for the grass-game. Raducanu, who is now the biggest name in British tennis, made tennis history when she became the first qualified to win a Grand Slam.

Several times in the past 12 months, Raducanu has spoken to her about her desire to play mixed doubles with Murray at Wimbledon. "Yes, I would like to play with her. I love watching her play. I think she's great," Murray told UK magazine GQ.

He also added: "I think she will be fantastic for this sport. Not just in the UK, but especially in the UK. Actually, last year we talked about potentially playing mixed doubles at Wimbledon, but then we both ended up doing well in the singles and so we decided not to.

But yes, I'd like to play with her."

Murray opens to a collaboration with Raducanu

Andy Murray and Emma Raducanu probably won't play mixed doubles at Wimbledon this year, but partnering with the 2021 US Open champion is something Murray definitely wants to do in the future.

"I do not know. I didn't talk to her about it, but it would depend on the singular," said the Scotsman, who then added: "Obviously, we will both prioritize that and hopefully get a good result. And if so, it will be our priority.

But yeah, if we both don't do well, then maybe. In the future I would very much like to do this. I think it would be a lot of fun." Murray is a two-time Wimbledon champion and felt extremely relieved after winning his first Championships title in 2013.

On the other hand, Emma Raducanu is the face of British tennis and it is no secret that the locals have high expectations of her triumph at Wimbledon.