Novak Djokovic towards official exclusion for the US swing

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Novak Djokovic towards official exclusion for the US swing

Novak Djokovic's 2022 will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most particular years of his career. The Serbian champion has won a lot, but this year he has been held back by a regulation that does not want him on the pitch.

Both in Australia and in the United States there is a rule that a tennis player cannot participate without first having the vaccine for Covid-19, a virus that has affected the lives of all of us in recent years. Although the data on this virus has improved in recent months, the American government has not changed its mind and consequently Nole, after missing the Australian Open, will be forced to miss the entire American tour and above all therefore the US Open 2022.

After winning Wimbledon, the Serbian tennis player will have to postpone the appointment with the possibility of catching up with his long-time rival Rafa Nadal: the Spaniard is at 22 Slam while Nole is still at 21 and in New York Rafa theoretically (physical conditions permitting) the possibility to stretch on rivals in the Grand Slam fight.

Many have openly sided in favor of Novak Djokovic and among them is the CEO of The Babylon website Seth Dillon. The man made a fairly clear tweet about it: "Is there any active tennis player urging the United States to let Novak Djokovic play or not? Are they afraid of backlash? They have more influence than the rest of the tennis community put together and it's shameful not to use it."

Isner's response to Dillon Many tried to support Novak Djokovic and the Serbian athlete himself thanked the fans and not only for the support received. Among the various who have supported Nole there is also the expert American tennis player John Isner.

He replied to Dillon's tweet with a message that absolutely did not go unnoticed. Here are his words: "It is complete madness, it is absurd that Nole cannot compete now," a tweet that many have commented and supported.

A situation that shouldn't change anything with Djokovic almost certainly forced to stay out of American tournaments. Right now, in fact, Novak Djokovic has announced the retirement from Canada Masters 1000 next week in Montreal with the Serbian champion who will not be able to try to win the Canadian tournament for the fifth time. Djokovic's choice is clearly due to the fact that he cannot enter Canada without a vaccine.