Taylor Fritz: "I'm embarrassed"

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Taylor Fritz: "I'm embarrassed"
Taylor Fritz: "I'm embarrassed"

Taylor Fritz's adventure in the American tournament in Washington ended bitterly in the Round of 16. The number 3 seeded retired in the third set of the match against British tennis player Daniel Evans, who was ahead at the time with a score of 3-6 7-6 4-1.

Fritz was forced to retire due to the hot and very humid conditions in the US capital and was therefore forced to retire from the tournament. Evans thus had access to the next round. At the end of the match Fritz wrote on social media reassuring the fans about his condition.

Here are his words: "First of all as far as health is concerned, I tell you that I am fine. I feel embarrassed for not being able to finish the match, it had never happened to me in my life. After last year's episode of the Toronto tournament, in which I found myself one step away from fainting, I assured my team that I would retire in case of similar conditions."

Taylor Fritz talks about his physical condition

The American tennis player paid for the match and goals for this final part of the season.

Here are his words: "Generally I am very proud of my physical shape and above all of my ability to compete in very hot and brutal conditions like today. Many do not know it but I have had problems since the last Wimbledon.

I only started training again this Saturday and so already being here was very ambitious. I am really happy with my tennis level and I am happy that I have no foot problems. Thanks to this I can say that from now on I can finally work on the pitch and prepare myself as best I can for the rest of the season.

Sorry if I worried someone "Recently Fritz had appeared very ambitious about his future goals and above all the tennis player stated that, in case Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic were not present in New York, he considers himself as a possible contender for the final victory of the Us Open.

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