Rafael Nadal: I didn’t expect it could happen again

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Rafael Nadal: I didn’t expect it could happen again

Rafael Nadal will have a chance to reach first place, but he doesn't want to worry too much about it, considering that the main goal is staying healthy. “It means a lot to me to have that opportunity [to rise to No.

1]. Something that I didn’t expect could happen again. The main thing is to stay healthy and play the events that I want to play,” Nadal said. “I will not play more than what I believe works well for my body. “I am going to put all my efforts into every single event I play.

It is something that doesn’t matter if I have the chance to be No. 1, but I am happy to be in this position and if it happens, I will be very happy”.

Rafael Nadal and his comeback

Nadal is aware that things cannot be ideal right from the start.

The experience behind him is enough in these situations.
"You need to know that when you come back after a while that things aren’t going to be perfect,” Nadal said. “You can’t expect to play at an amazing level from the beginning.

Knowing that you [need to] be humble enough to fight with the tools that you have at the beginning to win the first match. Then when you win a match or two matches things change and you start to feel competitive again. “If you are playing well, and I think I am playing more or less ok, you have some good feelings on court.

But competition is different and you need to accept that things are going to be difficult, even more so in a Masters 1000 because when you come back, even at a Grand Slam, if you are lucky with the draw, even if you aren’t playing at a high level you have a chance to win a couple of matches.

But at a Masters 1000, opponents are very demanding right from the beginning so you need to play at a high level and that is what I am going to try to do”.