Rafael Nadal to John McEnroe's accusations: "is this a joke?"

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Rafael Nadal to John McEnroe's accusations: "is this a joke?"

Rafael Nadal, after his official first at the US Open at Arthur Ashe Stadium, had to incredibly respond to some criticisms and accusations leveled by an American legend even during his last match won in four sets against the Australian Rinky Hijikata.

At the center of the discussion are the different movements at the end of each point and the insinuation that he is privileged over all the other players on the circuit. It all started with some considerations affirmed by John McEnroe, who would have pointed out that the Spaniard was not following the rule of the clock before each beat and that the referees were not applying the rule on him.

Rafa's answer

Hence the reporter's question: "Do you think it leaves some sort of shadow on your otherwise excellent legacy? There seem to be different provisions for you than everyone else." The champion, already winner of 22 Grand Slam titles, wanted to answer with great calm, not hiding smiles: "It's a joke right? I have suffered many warnings during my tennis career.

Never for breaking a racket, never for making a mess on the court. But yes for the clock. I have a problem that I am sweating a lot, especially when playing in these very humid conditions. Currently we do not have the ball boys who bring you the towel, as happened in the last two years.

You have to go to the furthest point of the field to get it and therefore you have difficulty with the time available. However, I try not to go there often. I don't think I have a different treatment from the chair judges" Then he added: "I'm following the rules.

If I go beyond 25 seconds, I get a warning every time. If not, check the clock. I don't think I'm getting any different treatment. I don't understand why John can say that on TV. But I'll talk to him later!"

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