Nick Kyrgios during the match: "It smells like marijuana"

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Nick Kyrgios during the match: "It smells like marijuana"

Nick Kyrgios has found good results on the court, despite some problems with his ex-girlfriend, which is causing him a certain media storm. The final reached at Wimbledon is proof of this and now the Australian is ready and motivated to repeat the feat at the US Open.

After the second round victory he told: "At this moment in my career I don't want to disappoint anyone anymore. I feel I am a man and a tennis player who can inspire other people and this makes me responsible. I know how hard my team works and I remember that three or four years ago right here in New York I felt terrible because I couldn't express myself the way I wanted.

I know I've reached a Grand Slam final and I know I want to do it again. I'm trying to find a balance in my life, not least because the press and fans go crazy wherever I go. I thought the final at Wimbledon would make me relax and instead it gave me the opportunity to work even harder.

I feel like I'm finally acting like a professional."

Nick Kyrgios during the match: "I smell like marijuana"

Just in the second round of the US Open 2022, Nick was the protagonist of a very unusual moment. Against Benjamin Bonzi, when, on the score of 4-3 in the second set, the Australian drew the attention of chair judge Jaume Campistol for smelling marijuana.

"But this is the smell of marijuana, can you remember that it's not done?" Kyrgios told the referee, also reminding him that he suffers from asthma and, therefore, would have represented a potential danger to his health.

He added: "Not exactly ideal for someone running around the field, I also have asthma." At that point, Campistol tried to explain to him that maybe it was the smells coming from the kitchens. Hence the response of the Australian, who said he was sure of what he had perceived: "Obviously, I wouldn't complain about the smells of food.

This is marijuana." Upon returning to the pitch, the referee then made an announcement. After the game, Kyrgios explained: "Maybe people don't know, but I have asthma. And it's not ideal for me what happened."

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