Rafael Nadal: "The last few months have not been easy"

Rafael Nadal suffered for a set and a half against Fabio Fognini to avenge his 2015 defeat in Flushing Meadows

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Rafael Nadal: "The last few months have not been easy"

Rafael Nadal suffered for a set and a half against Fabio Fognini to avenge his 2015 defeat in Flushing Meadows. Despite a bizarre nose injury in the heart of the fourth set, the Spanish phenomenon did not make any particular changes to the script and joined Richard Gasquet in the third round.

Player who has already faced and beaten in the previous seventeen occasions. He explained: "I can't give an explanation to the false start. I'm training well, I'm fine, so I struggle to understand what happened today. I continued to keep an aggressive tactical plan convinced that sooner or later it would bring results, but when I realized that the situation was at the limit I changed something and I tried to give more depth to the shots and to wait a little longer for his.

moves. You lose quality, of course, but at least you are not wrong and this helped me to find the rhythm. In the third and fourth, however, I felt good. I really didn't have any problems with the box, I was just a little worried about the overall performance.

I've had some very difficult months and it's not always easy to manage everything that happens on the court. Let's say that some situations arose when I lost control of my game a little bit at startup. The season from the point of view of the results was fantastic, but first the ribs, then the foot, then the abs.

Let's say that there have been new situations also on a personal level. My wife is fine, but it is not easy to deal with these situations from a distance." In short, before finding the turning point, Nadal was forced to recover a set and a break advantage against Fognini, who had hooked one of his four previous victories in New York: "The important thing in those moments is to think not to being unbeatable, accepting to make mistakes The awareness of being able to play badly and make mistakes helps me to be much more aware of my strengths.

In such situations, one must be very humble. I'm not just a person who mulls over things too much, sometimes in sports things are simpler than they appear. In tennis, the key thing is to limit damage when things go wrong and create better advantage when things go well." In the third round the challenge with Gasquet, who has always beaten since the first historic match in Monte-Carlo in 2005.

Losing in the previous seventeen only five sets: the last one dates back to 2008: "My level in training is higher than that. I can only improve if I keep winning games, so this is the main goal. Keep playing and keep winning.

I am happy to have given myself another chance, I never give up. I am naturally optimistic." In the sideline interview, the Spanish phenomenon obviously focused on the bizarre problem with his nose: "Let's say I had a bit of dizziness, but I was more than anything else scared.

I'm fine. Something had already happened to me while playing golf. like that, with tennis never! "

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