Carlos Alcaraz close to a double goal: "I've always believed in it"

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Carlos Alcaraz close to a double goal: "I've always believed in it"

Carlos Alcaraz is destined to rewrite the history of this sport. It would be enough to think that with a success in the final against Casper Ruud, in addition to winning the first Slam in his career he would also become the youngest number one ever.

After the surreal victory with Jannik Sinner, the Spanish phenomenon touches the four and a half hours of play also against Frances Tiafoe. Another absolutely crazy game to seal the status of champion, with practically everything available at stake.

He explained in the press conference: "I'm not afraid of the final. I prepared myself mentally and physically for this goal, to be able to live these moments and to be able to fight for things like that." Alcaraz is a highlights-maker: it's hard to get bored with him , hard not to find at least one point from the film library in his matches.

This is the explanation: "As I always say, I just never leave a ball and I try to fight for every single point. Sometimes you need them for morale, other times they are essential to create a bit of magic. In short, I have always believed in myself and in my game.

In most of the games I played 3 out of 5 I always felt good. I lost one this year, against Berrettini in Australia, but it ended 7-6 and anyone could have won. I think I am able to raise the level of my game in key moments and for this I have won eight of the nine matches I played in the fifth.

Today I proved to be physically ready." The challenge for the title with Ruud will also be the chance to reach the first position in the ranking and become the youngest to succeed in the feat. "I feel nineteen. Maybe it is true that I have matured very, very quickly, but I only feel older on the pitch.

With friends, my family, at home, I am a perfectly normal 19 year old boy. Today I will rest, later on. so many challenging matches is essential, I will take some time to clear my mind and to think about what to do," explained.

In the final the match against Ruud, fresh from the victory with Khachanov: "I have already beaten him in Miami this year, I think I will be able to repeat myself in a Grand Slam as well. For me it will be all new, but ther."

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