Good news for Novak Djokovic: He is clear to play in Australian Open next year

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Good news for Novak Djokovic: He is clear to play in Australian Open next year

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic will be able to compete in Melbourne next year at the first Grand Slam tournament of the season, the Australian Open, the "Herald Sun" exclusively reports. As this Australian media reports, the federal government of Australia will allow Djokovic to go on the campaign for the 10th title in Melbourne despite not having been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

This year, Djokovic did not participate in the Australian Open, although he received a visa based on a medical exemption, due to the court's decision to cancel his visa. The whole 10-day drama ended in deportation. Because he was deported, there was a danger that the federal government would not allow him to appear for the next three years, which he is entitled to by law.

But as things stand, the best Serbian tennis player will be allowed to fight for the 10th trophy, the 22nd in total at the Grand Slams, as many as the current record holder Rafael Nadal has. Because Novak Djokovic was not vaccinated, he was not allowed to play at the US Open this year either, while he was allowed to play at Roland Garros and Wimbledon, where he won a new title.

Djokovic gets Nadal's support

After his withdrawal from the US Open, he received support from rival Nadal, who said, "In some way we know that Novak will not play for a while if nothing change in terms of the rules, no? We knew this months ago.

“From my personal perspective, it is very sad news. It's always a shame when the best players of the world are not able to play a tournament because of injuries or because of different reasons. In this case, not having one of the best players in history in the draw of a Grand Slam is always an important miss, no? As I said, tough for the fans, tough for the tournament.

“In my opinion, tough for the players, too, because we want to have the best field possible. But on the other hand, I repeat what I said plenty of times: the sport in some ways is bigger than any player."

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