Carlos Alcaraz after US Open victory: "I don't want to stop anymore"

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Carlos Alcaraz after US Open victory: "I don't want to stop anymore"
Carlos Alcaraz after US Open victory: "I don't want to stop anymore"

With the victory at the US Open, Carlos Alcaraz also obtained the scepter of number one in the world, the youngest in history. The nineteen year old champion from Murcia amazed everyone and beat anyone who got in his way in New York.

Carlos remains the man of the moment and now he faces the most difficult challenge, that is to confirm himself at the top of the ranking and of the men's circuit. In these hours he has given various interviews to the Iberian media, from RTVE to the Efe Agency, without forgetting ABC and Antenna 3 Sport.

The Spaniard is really very ambitious, here are his words: "I reached a goal very quickly, but it's time to set new goals. I will continue to work to be at the top as long as possible. Honestly, I'm still not aware of what I've done and the impact I've had.

I want to go to Spain and see all my people, I want to see with my own eyes what is happening."

Carlos Alcaraz and future ambitions

The tennis player then continued: "I would not have imagined that I would become the youngest number one in history, it is something incredible.

I've been dreaming of this ever since I started playing tennis and it's something I've worked hard for. Now it will be more complicated, I am number one and I am a Grand Slam champion and it will be difficult to confirm myself but I want to be calm and show what to do.

I want to play for fun and my goal now is to confirm myself. The Big Three? I would like to play against Roger Federer and in general I want to beat a Big Three in Grand Slam practice. To be the best you have to beat the best.

What are my fears? I am afraid of letting my people down and not being up to my task. Now I am number one and I have won a Grand Slam, now I want to win another one. The goal is to be here as long as possible and try to win more and more." Now Alcaraz is number one in the world and there is curiosity to see how long he will remain at the top.

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