Rafael Nadal to Roger Federer: "I hoped this day would never come"

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Rafael Nadal to Roger Federer: "I hoped this day would never come"

Roger Federer versus Rafael Nadal was probably the most important polarity rivalry of the generation: two players, two friends also otside the court. Present, past and future. Started in 2004 with the historic victory of the Spaniard in Miami and ended at Wimbledon in 2019, with the victory in the semifinals of the Swiss phenomenon who would then surrender to Novak Djokovic in the final in the match that together with that of nine years earlier, on the same fields , he had already drawn a line between the normal and the non-normal.

The two have faced each other on a total of forty occasions, with Nadal able to win 26 total comparisons and dominate in some way until 2014. Federer has won six of the last seven crosses, losing essentially only on the red brick of Bois de Boulogne in 2019.

Nadal obviously used his own space on social media to greet his rival, friend and companion of a thousand battles with a long and moving message.

Rafael Nadal: "I hoped this day would never come"

He wrote: "I wish this day had never come.

It is a sad day for me personally and for people all over the world who love sports. I told you when we talked and here it is. It has been a pleasure, but also an honor and a privilege to share all these years with you, having so many wonderful moments together, on and off the court.

We will still have many moments to share to share together in the future, but there are still many things to do together, we know. For now, I would sincerely wish you the best with your wife Mirka, your children, your family and enjoy for what the future will give you.

We will see each other in London for the Laver Cup." The two will meet in London precisely for the last appointment in the career of the twenty-time Grand Slam champion. The other two members of the Fab 4, obviously Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray, along with the four Stefanos Tsitsipas and the very fresh US Open finalist Casper Ruud.