Rafael Nadal: "The intention is to continue"

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Rafael Nadal: "The intention is to continue"
Rafael Nadal: "The intention is to continue"

Carlos Alcaraz is a new Grand Slam winner and, thanks to this success, he has become the new world number one. Only two positions away, however, is the player who has held the Spanish crown in the tennis world for about twenty years, Rafael Nadal.

The Iberian champion has experienced a season of ups and downs: two of the twenty-two Grand Slam titles arrived this season, first in Australia and then in Paris; however, many tournaments did not play them due to injuries.

Physical problems that began in the Indian Wells final, which led to his retirement before the Wimbledon semi-final, which also affected him at the US Open. Despite this, the Manacor tennis player dismisses all thoughts of retirement.

This is what he wanted to reiterate in a speech in front of the King of Spain, Felipe VI, who conferred the Camino Real Award to the number three in the world, that is, a recognition for his career.

Nadal's words

He said in his speech about him accepting the Lifetime Achievement Award: "It has been a complicated year.

Beyond injuries, also because of family and personal news, which in this case is excellent news. Receiving recognition like today is an immense joy. But I hope this award does not imply that my career is over: far from it; or at least, that's not my intention.

The intention is to continue to proudly carry the name of Spain all over the world." A message that he also reiterated in his social post, thanking the royal family and the Spanish government for the award: "I hope to be and continue to be a point of reference for Spanish values ​​while always remaining faithful to my Majorcan origin.

For me it is an honor and an immense joy to receive the Camino Real award, which has a strong historical connotation and which is a recognition of my work in the world of tennis together with my passion for sport, bringing work and passion beyond ours.


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