Roger Federer's last tournament: More than 60,000 euros for a ticket!

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Roger Federer's last tournament: More than 60,000 euros for a ticket!
Roger Federer's last tournament: More than 60,000 euros for a ticket!

Next weekend, the legendary Swiss tennis player should play his last match in his career, but if his injury allows it. Federer officially announced the end of his magnificent tennis career a few days ago. For the last tournament, he chose the Laver Cup in London, which is played at the weekend, but now information has appeared that his performance is questionable.

One of the greatest tennis players of all time (41) has undergone three knee surgeries and played his last match at Wimbledon last year. It seemed that the injury was behind him, but right before the performance at the Laver Cup, the pain returned.

The fact that things are serious was confirmed by the fact that the man who is the best informed about Federer's health, and that is his personal trainer Pierre Paganini, spoke about the injury. "He will decide at the last moment.

He’s trained to have as much information as possible about whether it is a good idea or not."

Severin Lüthi about Roger Federer

"He just did not make enough progress. He's 41, been on the tour for so long, he's played over 1500 matches.

His retirement is a combination of these factors." "Roger makes it easy for us. Of course, it was an emotional decision for him. Otherwise, he would never have been able to achieve so much at this level. There's a lot of passion behind it.

But he is always so positive about everything."

About the Laver Cup:

"He will try to play. Whether that's in singles or doubles, we'll see. He wants to be on the team and try to play. Roger doesn't want to put himself above the Laver Cup.

But I think the reactions will be overwhelming. There will be chicken skin moments." said Lüthi. In an emotional statement, Federer said that his body does not allow him to continue his career. During that time, information appeared on specialized sites for the sale of tickets for sports events that tickets for Federer's last match were going for as much as 80,000 euros.

These are tickets for elite seats in the ceremonial boxes where everyone who means something in the world of sports and show business wants to sit.

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