Roger Federer opens up about the worst moment of his career

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Roger Federer opens up about the worst moment of his career

In an interview before the Laver Cup, Roger Federer said that he had been thinking about a farewell message for a long time, and he also touched on a number of other topics before his last match in his career, on Friday in doubles.

"I'm happy and surprised how well I'm hitting the ball, but I won't be able to play in singles, so it's not an option to play in Basel," said the 41-year-old Federer. He played the last official match in his career at Wimbledon, losing 3-0 to Hurkacz in the quarterfinals, the third set 6:0.

“The last set vs Hurkacz was one of the worst hour of my career. I realized that nothing works anymore. It’s over. The disappointment felt like fireworks in my head. I didn’t know how to proceed with this knee”.

said Federer.

Roger pointed out that he will stay in tennis in various ways.

"I just wanted to let the fans and the people know who have supported me for so long for so many years everywhere around the world that I will still be seen," he confirmed.

"I love this game and I will want to stay involved in some shape or form and I won't be just the a ghost or a stranger and not be around anymore."

However, Federer added his family comes first in retirement.

"I always tried to keep a clean slate for when I retire.

I do have four children and they are amazing and they need my help, and my wife too. She's always been by my side throughout. We'll see how I can stay in the game, in what way. I would love to mentor children and get the next Swiss superstar going.

It'll be a nice time to reflect and look forward." The Swiss also reflected on the farewell message with which he said "goodbye" to tennis. “Writing the letter was very difficult for me and took a lot of energy,” he said.

But now he feels better. “It wasn’t easy to keep the decision to myself, not to tell too many people. That builds up enormous pressure”.