Roger Federer and the reasons for the retirement: "It was a huge risk"

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Roger Federer and the reasons for the retirement: "It was a huge risk"
Roger Federer and the reasons for the retirement: "It was a huge risk" (Provided by Financial World)

Roger Federer will say goodbye to tennis this weekend, on the London stage: in the Laver Cup, accompanied by the three most important rivals of his career, he will play the last match of his career. Match of doubles and not singles, as already anticipated by the Swiss in one of the first interviews after the announcement, given that the physicist no longer supports.

On the occasion of this event, there are many interviews that followed one another: among these, there is also the one that the twenty-time Swiss champion gave to the BBC. Federer explained. "Right now the sensations I'm experiencing are so many, it's all so bittersweet.

I am totally convinced that I have made the best decision for myself, the body has sent me very clear signals, it has set limits that I cannot overcome. On the other hand, I know that I will miss the circuit a lot, as well as the daily work I did to improve myself and to compete.

I was one of the luckiest people on Earth to be born with the talent to play tennis and now I will not be a ghost that disappears: I want to continue to be linked to this sport."

Roger Federer and the reasons for the retirement

Roger then added: "When I was a child I would never have imagined achieving such success.

What I got exceeded all my expectations: for the level I expressed and for all the time I was able to express it. My dream was to win Wimbledon once and be number 1 in the world, with that I would have been happy. Achieving everything I have achieved is incredible.

I have always tried to be myself, to be authentic, and it gives me a lot of happiness to receive so much recognition, respect and love wherever I go." As anticipated by himself, in the Laver Cup he will only play a doubles match, since the physique does not hold up a singles.

In fact, in the interview with the BBC, Federer explains that he began to think about a retirement: "When I played the exhibition match in South Africa with Rafael Nadal I was already very worried about my knee. Then I tried to return in 2021, but the risk I was running was enormous, I couldn't keep playing like that.

The physicist sends signals that must be listened to. I tried, but in the last few months I realized that stopping was the only option."

Roger Federer London Laver Cup