Rafael Nadal's affection for Roger Federer: "Friendship more important than rivalry"

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Rafael Nadal's affection for Roger Federer: "Friendship more important than rivalry"

Roger Federer and Rafael will delight fans by giving the tennis world a divine last day. For the last match of the Swiss champion. Rafa joined Bjorn Borg's group in Laver Cup a few days behind everyone else after losing to Frances Tiafoe in Flushing Meadows and personal matters.

The very Spanish champion attended the press conference with the whole team to talk about the emotions and sensations on the eve of a challenge that will indelibly mark the history of this sport. "In the end, all the wonderful things we have experienced together on and off the pitch.

Being part of and living this historic moment will be something fantastic and unforgettable for me. It will be super exciting, I hope I can have a good answer, to play a good level, I hope that together create a good time and maybe even win the match.

We see! Let's hope the crowd supports us. Super exciting to be here with the team and on the pitch, having Roger by my side once again is something I can't wait to do. I am happy with this."

Nadal: "Our friendship more important than rivalry"

Nadal then also tried to analyze Federer's career, leaving the lead role to his rival and friend.

"I don't think all the memories he left are related to the games with me. First I was able to see him on television when I was younger, then I had the honor of being able to play against him and having an incredible story with him.

We are very proud of how we have handled things over the years because we have had a friendly rivalry despite the stakes. Eventually we realized that personal relationships are more important than professional matters, that friendship is more important than rivalry.

Tomorrow will be special and difficult at the same time, especially for Roger. One of the greatest players in history is about to retire, perhaps the greatest, so I'm proud to be able to play with him."