Federer on Nadal and Djokovic: "I'm happy to have them with me"

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Federer on Nadal and Djokovic: "I'm happy to have them with me"

Rafael Nadal landed in London a few days later than the rest of the team and joined the group led by Bjorn Borg on the occasion of what will be Roger Federer's last career adventure in the Laver Cup. Together with his lifelong companions, friends and rivals at the same time, the Swiss phenomenon intervened in the press conference, after the solo one, to present the challenge to John McEnroe's Team World and to add new elements to the previous statements.

As confirmed by the organizers, who have drawn up the game program, Federer will close his extraordinary career with a match in doubles with Nadal. On Saturday, as he has already fully explained, he will instead leave space in singles for Matteo Berrettini.

Federer on Nadal and Djokovic: "I'm happy to have them with me"

Roger explaiend: "I've had some tough times in the past where I was terribly nervous before some matches. This one is completely different though.

I am delighted to have them by my side, our team and my team, but above all not to have them against them for my last match. Obviously it is always so special to play with Rafa, the feeling is different, going on the pitch and having the opportunity to play with Rafa or Novak is inexplicable.

In the past it has been a fantastic experience. Once again it will be wonderful. As I said, I'll do my best on the court and enjoy every moment." Nadal and Federer will therefore close the program of day-1 of the fifth edition of the Laver Cup.

The two have already begun to test the conditions of the O2 Arena opposite Djokovic and Murray, who will instead be the player after Casper Ruud and Stefanos Tsitsipas. play the first singles match in the evening session. Just on the eve of the most anticipated match of all, the one that will mark the end of the career of the Swiss champion, a gift for all the spectators who were able to attend one of the most incredible training sessions ever. Roger Federer will end today his professional career: it is the end of an era.