Ljubicic on Roger Federer great regret: "A pity"

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Ljubicic on Roger Federer great regret: "A pity"
Ljubicic on Roger Federer great regret: "A pity"

Swiss champion Roger Federer officially said goodbye to the world of tennis a few hours ago. The Swiss has been one of the discussed protagonists of the last twenty years and today he will greet all his fans. Over the course of his career Federer has won 20 Grand Slams, achieved extraordinary results but also suffered very hard defeats, one that many remember.

His latest debacle at Wimbledon, the 2019 final against one of the great rivals, Serbian Novak Djokovic, is still etched in the minds of many fans and probably Roger too. Federer had a great match, he was in control for most of the match, he also managed to have match points but did not exploit them and in the end it was Novak Djokovic who triumphed.

That match coincides for many as the beginning of the end of Roger Federer.

Ivan Ljubicic's words about Roger Federer

On the sidelines of the Laver Cup, the historic coach of Roger Federer, the former Croatian tennis player Ivan Ljubicic, talked about that challenge.

Here are the words of him to the newspaper SportKlub: "The 2019 Wimbledon final? It wasn't a tragedy of epic proportions, but it was a real shame. He played great, I was proud of his challenge and he was really close. But it happens that when you are close, some games you win and others you lose.

We moved on, but only later did we discover that this would be his last chance to win a Grand Slam tournament. We all believed there was another chance. Roger dominated all the statistics, winning more points and having better service results but Novak was good on that occasion to stay attached to the match, especially in the tie-breaks." Returning to the Laver Cup, Ljubicic continued: "Physically we don't know his condition but in the doubles it doesn't count for much. I saw him in training and he was good. I'm sure in any case he will be a real show."

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