Kim Clijsters: "Roger Federer's impact goes beyond tennis"

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Kim Clijsters: "Roger Federer's impact goes beyond tennis"

Kim Clijsters was excited when commenting on Roger Federer's retirement. She explained: "I think Roger’s departure will make Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic think. News like this makes you think about the future, we are human beings.

Federer decided to retire because he could no longer compete at the highest level. We all saw the physicality and intensity with which the boys played at the US Open. Talent is not enough to win the most important tournaments."

Kim had beautiful words for the King: "Roger's impact goes far beyond tennis. This morning my daughter told me: Mom, did you know Federer is retiring? My daughter doesn't follow tennis much, but she was impressed.

from the news of Roger without ever having seen him play." David Nalbandian also commented on the subject: "His announcement did not surprise me at all. His knee has given him too many problems in the last three years and his physique no longer allowed him to compete at the highest level.

We all wished he would. Roger was eternal to continue enjoying his magnificent tennis, but it is an inevitable ending."

Federer retired

Roger Federer's retirement marks the end of an era. After 24 years of career, the King understood that it was the right time to hang up the racket and start a new phase in his life.

The former world number 1 did everything he could to get back in shape, but he realized that that damned right knee wouldn't allow him to be as competitive as he wanted. For this reason, the Swiss phenomenon has abandoned the idea of ​​giving himself one last ride of the carousel in 2023 and preferred to greet everyone in the exhibition he himself founded in 2017 (the Laver Cup).

“When I was invited to Wimbledon for Center Court's 100th anniversary, I still thought I could go back. But as I started to push harder in training, it became too difficult. In addition, I made a resonance whose outcome was not satisfactory ”- Federer said in these days. The Maestro wanted to end his legendary career alongside his friend and rival Rafael Nadal.