Roger Federer will not be next Team Europe captain in the Laver Cup

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Roger Federer will not be next Team Europe captain in the Laver Cup

Roger Federer is ready for a new life. As he has already abundantly told, he is not too far from tennis. The Swiss champion bade farewell during the Laver Cup, losing a double unrepeatable in history alongside Rafael Nadal. Federer however, who has already confirmed that attending Vancouver next year, does not currently consider becoming the new Team Europe captain.

"Bjorn Borg is doing an amazing job alongside Thomas Enqvist so there are currently no plans for that. Maybe one day, he who knows, but for now we don't think about it. I have loved every single moment of this week, I have loved everything that has been created around it, a fantastic environment.

I will miss this, but the bottom line is that you can easily live with this feeling." The competition format in the future? Similar to the current one: "I see no reason to change anything. The format is solid. In five years we will be able to say that we have visited many different places, but we know that at some point we will be able to move away from North America and expand even more."

Federer has no idea at the moment to play a political role in the tennis world: "I want to go in a different direction. I want to help everyone, but I don't see myself filling an official position." Team Europe has left the throne after four consecutive editions.

The Swiss phenomenon analyzed the defeat, obviously also dwelling on what his last double represented alongside Nadal: "I'm disappointed, sure, my hands hurt from how much I applauded!" "It is a defeat that leaves a bad taste in the mouth as we were very close to winning and we had match points in some matches."

The routine, the relationship with the fans, the desire to test ourselves constantly. These are the things Federer will miss most: "Although now I feel ready to spend more time with my family and to have different experiences.

I had an unforgettable time with all the guys this weekend. I hope that when they retire, they can experience such special moments as it happened to me."