Frances Tiafoe: "I won't apologize to Roger Federer"

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Frances Tiafoe: "I won't apologize to Roger Federer"

In recent days the tennis world has experienced a rather dramatic greeting like that of Roger Federer. The Swiss champion participated in a doubles match with his friend and historical rival Rafael Nadal, defending the colors of Team Europe for the Laver Cup.

In this way the Fedal concluded, between tears and joy, one of the greatest stories in the history of this sport. Federer and Nadal took part in the first night of the competition and lost their match to Americans Frances Tiafoe and Jack Sock.

Paradoxically, the two winners of the match ended up in the crosshairs of the critics, both for their attitude on the pitch and for their 'victory' A former tennis legend like the Italian Adriano Panatta had very harsh words towards them.

During the match both Sock and Tiafoe aimed at the body of the two legends to take stock and Adriano Panatta was very tough: "They were really rude, those two Americans were constantly throwing full force in the face of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

It was a lack of respect and they only did this because they were unable to do anything else. They are troglodytes of tennis but above all villains towards two tennis players, champions, who have made the history of this sport."

Tiafoe responds to controversy

In recent days Tiafoe has received a lot of criticism and so the winner of the Laver Cup with his Team World colleagues responded in kind and even joked about it: "I would always like to see Roger win, but I don't want to apologize to him.

I thank him for inviting me to this event and for all he has given to our sport, I wish him the best possible life. But I will not apologize to him for the Laver Cup match." The American concludes: "If we want to be honest, he is the one who has to apologize, he has beaten everyone in the last 24 years and so if there is anyone who has to apologize, that is him!"