Juan Martin Del Potro shocks: "I can't accept it"

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Juan Martin Del Potro shocks: "I can't accept it"

Juan Martin Del Potro talked about his physical condition after the last treatment he underwent in Switzerland: "I haven't even had a positive result." It was February 7, 2022 when Juan Martin Del Potro played his last career game in Buenos Aires.

Since then only new chapters of an ordeal that has placated the career of one of the most beloved players on the Tour. At the New York Post, his words are words of despair. Delpo told: "Psychologically I cannot accept a life without tennis.

I have not had a gradual transition to the aftermath, I have not prepared myself, I have no idea what other athletes have done to experience this process in peace. I was number 3 in the world, then suddenly I broke my knees and here I am, with nothing."

Without anything, because even the new stage in Switzerland had no effect: "I recently went to Switzerland to see another specialist. I started another treatment, it was recommended to me by many tennis players and up to now I have not even had a positive result.

Imagine how it can feel after every attempt at treatment or surgery, the frustration I can feel when things don't work out. Since hope is the last to die, at least for me, I have faith in every new treatment I try and when it fails, it hits me hard."

Number 3 in the world in August 2018, Del potro won two Olympic medals, the 2016 Davis, the 2009 US Open and 3 Masters 1000. All without ever having had a real respite from injuries, so much so that stopping first in 2014 due to the left wrist, then in 2018 for a fracture to the patella with consequent 31 months of stop, up to the single match played in Argentina in February.

This is the present of the Tandil Hammer: "This is my reality, which is hard, it's sad, but I always try to improve my situation and my new challenge is also to live in the best possible way, even psychologically, despite the my problem."