Sorana Cirstea's shocking words: ""They told me better beautiful and..."

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Sorana Cirstea's shocking words: ""They told me better beautiful and..."

Sorana Cirstea spoke in a podcast entitled La fileu. In this program she focused mainly on talking about how apparently external aspects of tennis, namely marketing, can have an important influence. The career of the Bucharest native suddenly exploded in 2008 when she, at just 18, won her first WTA title which followed the year after winning her first and only quarter-final in a slam at the Roland Garros.

The year before Cirstea had signed a contract with Adidas and from there she began to understand how much the world of marketing could influence the game of tennis. The tennis player, in fact, in this interview talked about how much she was considered more for the physical aspect than for the technical one and she did it using strong but clear words recalling what the managers told him before signing the contract: "Better to be beautiful and in the top 20 than ugly and be at number 1."

Sorana Cirstea's shocking words: ""They told me..."

Definitely a strong statement that should have little to do with sport: "If you are in the top 20 they see you everywhere, you are there 24 hours a day on the scene, seven days a week, every week, every tournament:" Cirstea continues recalling the words they said to him fourteen years ago: "Then you realize it's all about marketing.

For this reason, the highest paid stars are American, Chinese or Japanese, like Naomi Osaka who in recent years has been the highest paid athlete in all sports." Cirstea this season has achieved all in all good results that have allowed her to be regularly present in the top 40 of the women's world rankings, more precisely at position number 38.

The Romanian tennis player born in 1990, who boasts two WTA titles in her career, the first of which was won in 2008 in Tashkent in Uzbekistan and the last in 2021 in Istanbul, in a recent interview made rather important and shocking statements.