Judy Murray against the Wimbledon dress code "

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Judy Murray against the Wimbledon dress code "

Judy Murray, mother of the Scottish champion Andy Murray, is back to talk about Wimbledon, expressing herself on the dress code, one of the symbols of the London tournament. There is a great theme that has always affected women's tennis: how to behave in Wimbledon when you have your menstrual cycle.

The dress code of the British tournament has always been clear, that is, the clothing must be completely white. There have been episodes where this regulation has been broken: from Alize Cornet's red panties in 2013 to Venus Williams' change of underwear in 2017.

Changes aside, however, this rule seems to clash with a particular situation, namely when tennis players find themselves having to face the menstrual cycle. Several players have risen against this rule, since the menstrual cycle, which looms during a match, could stain the suit and the white color could make this situation stand out.

"It is very difficult to dress in white because you have photographers, you have photos everywhere, you are slipping on the court, you are falling, you are playing, your skirt is flying up," said former tennis player Tatiana Golovin years ago, as reported by Elle.

What is a problem for tennis players preparing to play at the All England Club was also taken up by Judy Murray. The tennis coach, in an interview, first reflected on the subject and on its 'traumatic' aspect, but also called into question the male side of tennis, which should be complicit in this debate.

Judy's words

"We need a lot of tennis players to commit to changing this because an unexpected episode like menstruation in the middle of the competition can leave a trauma to any woman. Honestly, I can't imagine a more traumatic situation than that for a tennis player.

Plus, all matches are televised and such an episode would be seen everywhere. I think we need to think about it and we need the men to be involved in this battle too."