Stan Wawrinkahad a furious fight with Roger Federer's wife!

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Stan Wawrinkahad a furious fight with Roger Federer's wife!
Stan Wawrinkahad a furious fight with Roger Federer's wife! (Provided by Financial World)

Eight years have passed since one of the most curious episodes in recent tennis history, the now epic fight between Stan Wawrinka and Roger Federer's wife, Mirka Vavrinec. The issue dates back to the 2014 ATP Finals, when Stan was accused of being a cry baby, verbatim cry baby by Mirka, triggering his complaints with the chair referee that the behavior of Roger's wife would always be disrespectful towards opponents.

Wawrinka's revelations about the historical quarrel with Mirka

Federer ended up winning after saving four match points and a week later, the two would team up to play the 2014 Davis Cup final, setting aside their arguments to take Switzerland to the top of the world for the first time.

But what really happened? Stan unveiled it on Court 1, RMC Sports radio show: "The situation was incredibly tense, the truth is it was perfect for a movie. We were both very nervous and a really complicated discussion ensued.

Fortunately, there were no cameras in the corridors leading to the changing rooms at the time." The Swiss, suggesting that they might have had a scuffle right after the match: "We both knew how to stop in time and didn't talk for a couple of days, reflecting on what had happened before we sat down to discuss it.

We couldn't let this happen interfered with our goal of winning the Davis Cup and we tried to remember everything we had been through together up to that point." Curious as neither the referee of the match, Cedric Mourier, nor Roger Federer, were at first aware of the altercation on the court.

Fortunately, things quickly settled down and Wawrinka recently declared that he cried on the day of the retirement of his historic international teammate. We recall Roger Federer retired at the Laver Cup 2022, last September, after the knee problem he suffered in the last past years.

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