Suspicious drink for Djokovic in Paris-Bercy, replies his wife

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Suspicious drink for Djokovic in Paris-Bercy, replies his wife

The episode of the drink that Novak Djokovic received from his team during the Paris-Bercy semi-final against Stefanos Tsitsipas made a lot of noise. A video released on Twitter by the journalist Damian Reilly portrayed the physiotherapist of the Serbian Ulises Badio preparing the offending drink, then sold to Djokovic by a ball boy.

So far nothing particularly sensational, if it were not for the suspicious attitude of Badio and other team members who seem to be trying to hide the scene. The video immediately raised a fuss on social media, with more who wondered if all this was legitimate.

Reilly's tweets were followed by a discussion with users, when at a certain point he decided to intervene Jelena Djokovic, wife of the Belgrade champion. She said: "I don't see anything suspicious. In fact, I see people trying to maintain their privacy in a world where everyone thinks they have the right to point a camera at you whenever they want.

Apparently, the fact of wanting to try to be reserved makes them doubtful nowadays."

Millman's opinion on the Djokovic case

John Millman, who clearly sided with Novak Djokovic, expressed his opinion on the issue, again via social media.

The Australian, for his part, argued that the Serbian's physiotherapist's behavior was simply aimed at not revealing trade secrets. His comment on this was: "Too much attention on a team member mixing sports drinks.

He ridicules the idea that something is happening, a full stadium, cameras everywhere, mixed drinks in the players' box. I mean, use a little logic here, maybe, just maybe they don't want to give anyone the advantage.

Also, inside a locker room, you can see a team of players always preparing drinks, in unmarked bottles and placed in the refrigerator. Training programs, supplementation, etc. are trade secrets." Djokovic lost in the final of Bercy against Holger Rune: the Serb hint to win the ATP Finals in Turin to set another record.