Srdjan Djokovic criticizes Roger Federer again!


Srdjan Djokovic criticizes Roger Federer again!
Srdjan Djokovic criticizes Roger Federer again!

Srdjan Djokovic criticizes Roger Federer again! A clean and direct attack on the 21-time Grand Slam title champion, retired from the tennis scene at the age of 41 in September at the end of the Laver Cup. Srdjan Djokovic, decidedly outspoken, has recently made heavy criticism of Roger Federer during an interview with the Serbian television channel K1.

Novak's father followed and was alongside his son throughout the year, certainly troubled and conditioned for the Serbian due to a series of issues not strictly related to the field. A season in which Nole was unable to express himself to the best of his potential for many tournaments, given that in several cases he was not even able to take part due to the non-vaccination against Covid-19.

The situation still worries the entourage of the Serbian tennis player precisely in view of the 2023 edition of the Australian Open, a Grand Slam competition in which the Belgrade native naturally has every intention of participating: at the moment the story has not undergone important news and therefore remains so much uncertainty.

Srdjan Djokovic criticizes Roger Federer again!

Srdjan told, highlighting how according to him the authorities will not help the athlete to enter the country without problems in January and to solve the situation immediately: "Novak is full of desire and enthusiasm to continue where he left off, not by his will.

but for that of the people who did not give him the right to decide which sporting event to play in." Some very harsh words spoken by Srdjan, answering a question, made people argue: "Of course he will not pressure because he is still the best.

He let them do what they think they have to do, he will be the greatest athlete of all time. He will be like this for another two years, as long as he plans his programming well. For how Roger Federer played, for other things that have nothing to do with sport, my son can play as much as he wants. But he won't do it because he's Serbian, because he's Djokovic."

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