Craig Tiley: "I hope Novak Djokovic has a good reception in Australia"


Craig Tiley: "I hope Novak Djokovic has a good reception in Australia"
Craig Tiley: "I hope Novak Djokovic has a good reception in Australia"

Novak Djokovic finished his season with important triumphs at Wimbledon and the ATP Finals, and with the exclusion due to lack of vaccine from Melbourne and New York. Failure to participate in these events has earned the Serbian champion the descent in the standings from the first position, which he has steadily occupied in recent years, up to the current fifth.

However, 2023 will see Nole competitive again in the first Grand Slam of the season, in Australia. A few weeks ago, the news of the Australian government's pass to the former number 1 in the world was announced. Djokovic will therefore be able to participate in the Melbourne tournament and therefore continue his run-up to Rafael Nadal, who currently has 22 Slams on his showcase.

Craig Tiley, director of the tournament, aware of the media and technical contribution that Djokovci was and is able to give, already last year tried in every way to dribble the issue relating to the Serbian's vaccine to have it available, but it was any maneuver outside of its competence.

Craig Tiley: "I hope Novak Djokovic has a good reception in Australia"

The Serbian record-man will make his return, however, in 2023 and the former South African tennis player, now director, hopes that the public will be kind to him, also referring to the difficult period that the world has faced with the Coronavirus: "The world went through a very difficult phase with Covid, but I am proud of how we handled it.

We were able to celebrate the two editions, we showed the world the strength of sport and despite what happened, I think we can be very proud to have continued to celebrate the most important sporting event in the southern hemisphere.

I just hope that people enjoy the tournament and know how to recognize successes and sacrifices. We are a company that is dedicated to Australian athletes, but also knows how to reward the great references of world sport. I hope that the tennis players, including Djokovic, will give everyone a fair welcome." He then added: "I think this could be a historic year.

I have been there long enough to know that the Australian Open can revive careers and offer unforgettable moments, I am convinced that Novak will want to prove that he is still the best in the world and will fight hard to stop Carlos and other young people from taking the title away from him."

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