Mats Wilander: "Rafael Nadal will play until he is 40"

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Mats Wilander: "Rafael Nadal will play until he is 40"

2022 was a special and certainly very important year for the Spanish tennis player Rafael Nadal. The Iberian champion won two Grand Slam titles, the Australian Open and the Roland Garros, and became the first player in history to reach 22 Grand Slam titles.

Despite this, Rafa finished the season in second place, a second part of the season totally held back by physical problems and which alarmed the fans of the Spaniard. The Iberian player was eliminated in the group stage of the ATP Finals in Turin, showing a condition that certainly worried all his fans.

Rafa is currently engaged, together with his friend Casper Ruud, on an exhibition tour in South America but rumors about his future continue.

Mats Wilander: "Rafael Nadal will play until he is 40"

Former tennis player and now commentator Mats Wilander revealed, in his opinion, what Rafa Nadal's future will be.

Here are his specific words: "If you won the Australian Open in 2022 and won Roland Garros, I don't care what they say, but you have at least another four years of career. I don't think it's important that Rafa is 40 years old.

that point, his head counts and he's been doing this since he was 17." Wilander made interesting statements about how Rafa has been trying to manage himself in recent months: "Rafa knows what he is doing, he is trying to keep himself physically and he knows how much he needs to train, he must be well both physically and mentally.

If Rafa is okay with the injuries I think he will come to that." Finally Wilander concluded by clarifying: "Obviously he counts a lot of luck in these things. Let's face it, in life and in sport he always counts luck, even after you've won so much over the course of your career." Now Rafa will have to start the season well right away and the goal for 2023, at least at the beginning, is to try to defend the title of reigning champion at the Australian Open.