Rafael Nadal: "I'm not interested in being the best in history"

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Rafael Nadal: "I'm not interested in being the best in history"
Rafael Nadal: "I'm not interested in being the best in history"

Spanish champion Rafael Nadal experienced a magical 2022 to say the least. In this year the Iberian champion triumphed in two Grand Slam titles, such as the Australian Open and Roland Garros and thus became the first tennis player in history to reach 22 Grand Slam titles.

Rafa's numbers are gigantic and the Spanish champion is considered, along with Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, one of the three strongest athletes ever in tennis. Many still today argue about who the GOAT is between the three of them, but the protagonists of this clash have repeatedly reiterated that they have no interest in being defined as the best of all time.

Nadal ended the season with some difficulties, certainly mainly due to the usual physical problems that have affected him for some time but now the Mallorcan champion is facing a tour in South America together with the Norwegian tennis player and his friend Casper Ruud.

During the night the two challenged each other in Quito and this time it was the Nordic athlete who won with a double 6-4. The two faced each other at the ATP Finals in Turin as the last official match and in that case it was the Spanish champion who prevailed.

Rafael Nadal: "I'm not interested in being the best in history"

After the challenge, Rafa spoke like this at a press conference in Quito, Ecuador. Here are the words of him, specifically: "I don't think I'm the best player in history, it's something that I overshadow.

The important legacy for me is that all the people I have lived in these 20 years have a great human memory of me. After all the human aspect, the education, respect and affection with which he can treat people is the main issue, in the end this is what remains over time." After Quito, Rafa Nadal and Ruud will fly to Colombia and go to Bogota to tackle the fifth stage of their tour.

This tour in America will end on December 1st with their performance in Mexico City, in the North American country. And of course, Rafa will be one of the most awaited player of the upcoming 2023 season.

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