Emma Raducanu: "Winning the US Open wasn't a big deal at all for my family

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Emma Raducanu: "Winning the US Open wasn't a big deal at all for my family

Emma Raducanu achieved great success at the start of her career, and expectations from her were immediately high. It is not easy to deal with such pressure, and Raducanu talked about it. "[Winning the US Open] wasn't a big deal at all for my family - it was just like a normal Friday or Saturday night.
I’ve never gone out.

I’ve never done any normal teenage things.
Between training and the travel, [the lifestyle] takes some getting used to, but I like to be on my own and it’s always about the bigger picture.
In my career, I’ve done pretty well compared to most teenagers.

Hopefully, I’ll be playing throughout my twenties and into my thirties – I’m looking forward to putting in a good shift."- Raducanu said, as quoted by eurosport.com

Andy Murray

Andy Murray seems like her role model.

Raducanu believes that one match can change a lot and that tennis is unpredictable. "[In tennis] it could look like it's all going down, down, down and just not getting any better," she said. "But it can all change so fast.
Just one match can have a big influence on your confidence and once you have confidence and the momentum comes, you feel like you can't lose.
It's a very individual sport - people are friendly but it's difficult to be really close with those you're competing with.
Andy Murray is so good to talk to because he's been through pretty much what I've been going through.
I have always looked up to him and watched him winning his first Wimbledon and the Olympics."
Tennis is a fast sport.

After you finish the tournament, a short break and a new challenge immediately follow. You don't have time to think about your success or failure. "I can get really caught up in the moment and completely forget about any of my achievements or any of the good, positive sides," she said.
"You're always thinking about what you could be doing next and what's coming next."