Andy Murray: Players like Leo Messi give me motivation

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Andy Murray: Players like Leo Messi give me motivation

Andy Murray confirmed that he is happy for Leo Messi and the fact that he won the World Cup trophy. Although he is 35 years old, the Argentine is still a great player, and Messi has achieved what he dreamed of all these years.

“I was really happy for him [Messi] that he was able to finally win the World Cup when he was seen as not having done it at international level,” said Murray, as quoted by
“Which was strange considering that Argentina won the Copa America not long ago and have been in multiple finals and stuff.
The age that he's at as well – he's 35 and born in the same year as me.

Seeing any athletes in their mid-to-late 30s going out there and competing and performing and doing what they love is brilliant."

Andy Murray: “I hate all the GOAT debates"

Examples like Messi, Federer and Nadal are the motivation for him to achieve success despite his age.

The Briton has already shown that he is a quality tennis player many times. If there were no injuries, who knows what he would have accomplished. “I've had the opportunity to witness that a bit in tennis as well recently,” he said.

“Whether that's Serena [Williams] or Federer and Nadal. I find that it gives me motivation to keep going and keep trying to perform as best I can”. Murray thinks the GOAT debate is redundant at this point. “I hate all the GOAT [greatest of all time] debates that go on,” said Murray.

“They’re so painful, but I just think he's amazing at what he does. Because of the size of football and how many people play it, he has to be considered as one of the best athletes of all time, and what he's done over such a long period is incredible”.

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