Novak Djokovic uses sharp words in press conference: what happened

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Novak Djokovic uses sharp words in press conference: what happened

Novak Djokovic has reached 26 consecutive successes at the Australian Open and 37 in Australia. Waiting for him is Tommy Paul, back from the parallel success in the derby with Ben Shelton. At the press conference, the Serb also talked many issue, using very sharp words.

Djokovic explaoined: "I've never played against them, but I know what kind of game to expect. He's been on the circuit for a couple of years now and I think he's playing the best tennis of his career. Yes, he is a fast and dynamic player.

And above all I think he has a great serve that allows him to vary the angles a lot and to have many free points. It will be his first semi-final and obviously he won't have too much to lose. I'm sure he will take the field and play his best tennis.

In the last two games I felt good on the pitch. Better and better as the tournament progresses. I have been in this situation several times in my career and have never lost a semi-final here in Melbourne. I hope things stay that way."

Djokovic's words

Djokovic is still hungry.

Above all, two matches from the twenty-second Slam pearl that he would like to mean hooking up to Rafa Nadal. He told: "I don't think I've ever lacked determination. I always try to give my all, particularly in Grand Slams, because at this point in my career they are obviously the ones that matter the most.

But somehow I have extra motivation this year. For the physical problems, for what happened last year. I just want to do things right." In the semifinal one of the many protagonists of US tennis, now back to playing a key role in world tennis.

He explained: "In general I think the United States is a very important nation for our sport. We have a lot of tournaments that are played in America and especially in North America and it is therefore important that there are players capable of achieving certain results ."

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