"Roger Federer can be the perfect ambassador for tennis," said former legend


"Roger Federer can be the perfect ambassador for tennis," said former legend

Back from the saddest interlude, Boris Becker covered the role of commentator during the last Australian Open on Eurosport and right at the end of the tournament he took stock. Becker talked about Roger Federer, who said goodbye to tennis played last September during the Laver Cup.

"I think he can be one of the greatest ambassadors for our sport. Let's say that he is almost too good to be true, above all he represents a unicum within the sports panorama. Everyone loves him." Moving from Djokovic to Next Gen and of course Nadal's possibilities in Paris, he also added: "Novak is 35 at the moment and knows perfectly well that in four or five years he won't be able to maintain this level.

I think he is ready for a new adventure and a new big journey after this victory. The next few months will be completely different, especially between Paris and Wimbledon. This success was probably the most important in his life.

His dream is to end his career with the highest number of Grand Slam titles and I think he's close." The former German Grand Slam champion is not yet fully convinced by the next generations. On the contrary: "Right now we are witnessing a real generational change, despite the results.

Roger Federer is gone and I think Rafa Nadal is on the right track. He will play the Roland Garros, but then it will be a big question mark. Surely Djokovic can reach 23 Grand Slams this season. Next year he will be 36 so this is the time to do it." Becker is convinced that there is an abysmal difference between winning big tournaments and representing a sport.

That's why he believes the Big 3 will continue to have a big influence even after they retire: "With the three of them we have not only had players capable of winning everything, but also of approaching a slice of the public who did not previously follow tennis.

This has made our sport more followed and obviously also more international. The big challenge for the guys who are arriving is not only to win, but also to be role models for this sport."

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