Coco Gauff: "I don't consider myself an example to follow"


Coco Gauff: "I don't consider myself an example to follow"

Coco Gauff claimed her third career title at the start of the season by clearly beating Rebeka Masarova at the ABS Classic in the final. However, the young American tennis player disappointed expectations at the Australian Open 2023 and left Melbourne in the round of 16, losing 5-7, 3-6 against Jelena Ostapenko.

Gauff told herself in an interview with her podcast Her Way-Her Story about her. From her first steps in the world of tennis to her future goals, the 18-year-old from Atlanta talked about very interesting topics. Coco explained: "I play tennis thanks to my parents, 100%.

They were college athletes, even if they didn't turn pro, but it's pretty much the same journey. I always relied on them for advice. Serena Williams has always been my idol, I wanted to imitate everything she did. She inspired me a lot.

She never gave up in any game, no matter what the score was."

Gauff: "I don't consider myself an example to follow"

Coco also said: "She and Venus changed tennis. My hand was shaking when I faced Venus at Wimbledon the first time.

I didn't think I would win the match. I didn't plan anything in terms of celebrations, it was all natural and authentic. That match was a pretty big change. I went from having around 2,000 Instagram followers to many more. Many celebrities have sent me a message, even the First Lady has dedicated a tweet to me.

I think I handled everything pretty well. I would tell you that I don't consider myself an example to follow, I don't see myself like that. I try my best to be a good person and a good example, I am who I am. I want to be authentic, for better or for worse.

My goal is to constantly improve. When you get this close to winning a Grand Slam tournament, you always want more and convince yourself that you can do it."