Taylor Fritz: "Turning pro at 17 is really scary"

Taylor Fritz was one of the biggest revelations of last season

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Taylor Fritz: "Turning pro at 17 is really scary"

Taylor Fritz was one of the biggest revelations of 2022. The Indian Wells tournament won in the final against Rafael Nadal, the Top Ten and many other satisfactions for a tennis player who is always awaited at these levels but which had never exploded.

Now Fritz aspires to always remain among the best. The American made it clear that he always wants to aim to win and look no further. This is also why Fritz was one of the biggest disappointments of the 2023 Australian Open, defeated too early in the first week against Alexei Popyrin, an interesting athlete but anything but prohibitive on paper.

In a recent interview Fritz said: "Turning pro at 17 is one of the worst fears of every top junior. You see you did so well at junior level and then you wonder what happens if you don't make it into the greats. I felt like a real switch when I turned pro and realized it was all real.

Everything was great before, but now it's like this. To be the best in the world you have to really believe it, you will never be able to achieve all your goals if you don't totally want it."

Taylor Fritz and comments on Novak Djokovic

The talented US player has been much talked about for some of his statements in Australia.

Taylor was one of the athletes to sting Novak Djokovic and the rumors about his alleged injury on Twitter. Many have discussed the physical problems of the world number one and his clear victories in Melbourne, from the first round to the final.

Fritz shared his opinion on Twitter: "My opinion, even if it doesn't interest many and I know it, is that 80% of tennis players always have some physical problems and everyone is disappointed at the end of the match. Then the media concentrates on the tops and the problems of these tops get more media attention.

I don't think it's about being unsportsmanlike but there are tennis players who are more explicit when they talk about injuries. They don't pretend, but sometimes tennis players exaggerate the seriousness of their injuries because they are sick and this helps them feel better." Fritz then clarified that doing this is not unsportsmanlike anyway.