Jimmy Connors: "Novak Djokovic is the man to beat"

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Jimmy Connors: "Novak Djokovic is the man to beat"
Jimmy Connors: "Novak Djokovic is the man to beat"

Novak Djokovic got another historic triumph two weeks ago at the Australian Open 2023. The Serbian tennis player, who had to miss the 2022 Melbourne edition due to his unvaccinated status, managed to hit the tenth Australian Slam as well as 22nd overall by catching up with Rafael Nadal in first place of this special Race.

A deserved victory at the Australian Open, despite an injury, culminating in the final against Stefanos Tsitsipas. Many insiders have recognized the exploits of the Serbian champion, including former tennis legend Jimmy Connors.

The former American star, congratulating the Serbian for the performance of the Serbian at the first slam of the year. He said: "I have to say that this guy is a fantastic player and he's not afraid to take the field and play tennis, play his tennis.

It doesn't matter if he wins or loses. He's not afraid to go too far. He knows he's the man to beat for everyone, and now even more."

Connors on Djokovic

Connors also highly praised Djokovic's technical and tactical qualities during his matches played: "He has no fear when it comes to facing all these young players who have played in big tournaments.

He doesn't care. He plays tennis and has no problem with variation. He's not afraid to play on the baseline and attack the ball early, he's not afraid to trade 20 shots to win a point. He's not afraid to find a way to win, and I personally like to see that." Final mention on the sport's rivalries: "Rivalries are great, it's why people choose to watch this sport, to watch a match and the excitement that comes with it.

As a tennis player you have to find a reason to fight even harder, to push yourself to the limit and come out on top. How do you find it? What do you base yourself on when you decide to go to hell? Sometimes you have to find something that makes you come out of the situation with more motivation to overcome your opponent." The former left-handed tennis player, with his 109 titles won in his career, is the one to have won the most tournaments in the men's singles in the Open era.

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