Roger Federer visits Wimbledon!


Roger Federer visits Wimbledon!

Roger Federer, as stated by journalist Sue Barker, could join the team of BBC commentators in view of the next edition of Wimbledon. As revealed by the British newspaper The Daily Telegraph, the Swiss Maestro visited the All England Club for the second time in the space of a few months last week.

A visit that turns into a significant clue in the light of the indiscretions published by the major newspapers. "Federer was seen at the All England Club last week. This is his second visit in recent months. Wimbledon are exploring and considering what role Federer will play in the future but this has yet to be determined," wrote Mike Dickson of the Mail Online Sport on your Twitter account.

Federer himself told a very amusing anecdote about his penultimate visit to Wimbledon. The 20-time Grand Slam champion was blocked at the entrance by one of the security men who did not recognize him. The attendant asked the Basel legend to show him the membership card, players become honorary members of the Club if they win Wimbledon, but Federer didn't have the card with him.

Only the random intervention of a fan saved Federer.

Roger Federer's words

"I want to try and see how I can manage to get involved in tennis somehow, I don't know how and in what forms. Maybe in our sport there are fewer ways to go, for example, than in football or golf: either you do the coach or commentator.

I can't wait to find out what the future holds for me. Right now I still have many events organized by my partners and sponsors, they are going very well." A guest on Trevor Noah's The Daily Show last December, Roger Federer explained that he will try not to abandon the world of tennis after his retirement.

Of the two paths indicated by the Swiss champion during the interview, the one that would take him to the control room to follow some of the biggest events seems to be the most viable path.

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