ATP Dubai: Novak Djokovic eliminated in semifinal by Medvedev!"

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ATP Dubai: Novak Djokovic eliminated in semifinal by Medvedev!"
ATP Dubai: Novak Djokovic eliminated in semifinal by Medvedev!"

Novak Djokovic failed to get the better of Daniil Medvedev in the semifinals of the ATP 500 in Dubai. The world number one thus suffered the first setback of the season, after 15 consecutive victories gained between Adelaide, the Australian Open and precisely the city of the United Arab Emirates.

At the press conference, the Serbian analyzed the defeat: "He causes unforced errors by all his opponents because it's his game, it's what he does. He's very patient and athletic, he moves well due to his height. The backhand is one of the most consistent shots he has at his disposal.

At the same time he deserved to win it, he was a better player in both sets. I made some really bad mistakes in the first set, giving him the second break, but that's tennis. He learns from his mistakes and defeats, I hope next time it will be better."

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Then he continued: "The way I felt during the week makes me very satisfied with the current state of my body, as you never know how you will react to recovering from the injury.

I'm happy. I lost to a better opponent. I know I didn't play well in some decisive moments but it was also because of his tennis quality. That's all. I'm already thinking about the next challenge." The Serbian champion then talked about family and whether his priorities need to change: "Now I'm probably not the most sociable guy.

I don't like seeing people right now, I want to be alone. I take every tournament, every game very seriously, I dedicate my whole life to it. So obviously it hurts when you lose. I worry about every race. At the same time you just have to let it go and move on.

I have a family through ups and downs but this has to do with my profession, with tennis, with what I do. I try to do it in the best possible way and I also bring good feelings to the people who see me play. I really feel like I want to keep playing.

The good thing about tennis is that you always have another chance on the calendar. Basically every week you get another chance to rewrite your story one more time."

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