Carlos Alcaraz on Indian Wells, injury and his goal

"Of course playing a Masters 1000 is always tough"

by Sead Dedovic
Carlos Alcaraz on Indian Wells, injury and his goal

Carlos Alcaraz will play at Indian Wells and it seems that he has solved his injury problem. He is feeling great right now and is ready to show his true self at Indian Wells. "I'm [feeling] really good right now," he said, as quoted by
"Today was the first practice that I practised with some players, [played] some points.
I feel great.

I took some days off and it was really good for me. Right now I'm ready." The Spaniard also revealed what the main goal is; He wants to be number 1 again. Carlos will have a difficult task, but what is most important is that Alcaraz believes in himself.

Everything else will come by itself. "It's a really good goal for me," he said. "Of course playing a Masters 1000 is always tough and I really want to have a good result here. I love this tournament as well.
For me, winning the tournament and being No.

1 again is a really good goal and I really want to go for it."

Carlos Alcaraz and favorites

At the moment, he is facing a special challenge when it comes to playing hard court. Despite all of the odds against Alcaraz, he believes that he will still have a chance to win the tournament, despite the fact that he is among the less likely favorites.

"On hard court I think I'm a really good tennis player, so I'm going to go for it," said Alcaraz.
"I don't consider myself a favourite to win the tournament because [it has been] a long time since I played on hard court.
Of course there are a lot of great players in this draw that have chances to win the tournament.
I would say that I have my chances to win the tournament and I'm going to [try to] take it."

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